An abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables hits the market

Zhu Yuting
Residents of Zhujiajiao Town are enjoying an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables after farmers and workers from cooperatives unloaded them in the market.
Zhu Yuting

It is the time for tasting seasonal food of Zhujiajiao Town as many fresh vegetables and fruit have hit the market.

Following the strict pandemic control and prevention measures, farmers and workers of many vegetable cooperatives work hard to pick and plant, aiming to provide fresh and health food for residents.

Trucks are dispatched to make sure vegetables can be delivered to residents on time.

Agricultural cooperatives in Zhujiajiao Town used advanced planting technology to plant a batch of green vegetables and fruits with a long picking cycle and reasonable prices.

A special party with sweet and red peaches was organized in Jinze Town to thank workers for their hard work during the recent COVID-19 resurgence in Shanghai.

The Hamajiang Vegetable and Fruit Cooperative sponsored the event.

Over 20 Santang Village volunteers were invited to pick the ripe peaches from trees and sample them.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, 85 volunteers from the village stayed on duty for more than a month, doing everything they can to preserve the health and safety of more than 1,400 villagers.

An abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables hits the market
Shen Yifei / Ti Gong

A resident picks a peach in Hamajiang Vegetable and Fruit Cooperative.

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