Qingpu centers offer cool relief for outdoor workers

Hu Min
A number of facilities in Qingpu District are making space for outdoor workers and are providing air-conditioned comfort as Shanghai scorches.
Hu Min

The scorching weather has posed a real challenge for outdoor workers, and a number of facilities in Qingpu District have opened their doors to them.

Zhu Yeying and her colleagues, who work at the bicycle parking spots, enjoy the air-conditioned comforts of the Yingpu Subdistrict Culture and Sports Center during their lunch break.

They even take their time to seek consultation on legal and employment affairs at the center.

The center, under directives from the Qingpu District Labor Union, has allocated an area for outdoor workers.

It has everything they need to cool down inside the 10-square-meter space, from air-conditioning, a drinking fountain and microwave oven, to services for charging phones, newspapers and umbrellas for borrowing. There is also a refrigerator stuffed with free popsicles and salted soda water.

"It is really hot outside, but here it is another world," said Zhu. "We can take a rest here, and I can heat my lunch as I suffer from gastrosis."

Based on COVID-19 prevention and control requirements, all visitors need to scan the venue code and have their temperature checked for entry. They also need to produce a negative PCR test taken within the past 72 hours. The center strictly disinfects the area.

Song Zhengyun, a sanitation worker, recently felt uncomfortable due to long hours of work under high temperatures.

Along with her colleague, she visited a station for outdoor workers at the Qingpu District Party Members' Service Center. The staff at the center checked her blood pressure and treated her with ointment and ice cream to soothe her symptoms.

The station has prepared drugs, and its staff have received training to handle emergency situations such as heatstroke. It also provides free masks, gloves and tea.

"The station is open from 8:30am to 5:30pm daily and we provide considerate services to outdoor workers," said Lu Yongqiang, director of the station.

Qingpu centers offer cool relief for outdoor workers
Li Shuangjiu

Outdoor workers avoid the scorching heat outside and take a "cool" break at one of the rest stations in Qingpu District.

The Shencai Station on Pucang Road distributed healthcare packages that can prevent heatstroke to outdoor workers.

"We have established a volunteer team to serve them," said Huang Qingwei, director of the station.

Most stations in Qingpu are offering personalized services, according to the district's labor union.

"We will visit the directors of 78 stations and help them further improve their services," said Zhou Jiejin, deputy director of the employees' assistance center of the labor union.

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