Bureau eyes digital upgrade of smart weather

Li Xinran
The Jiading meteorological bureau has introduced new application scenarios, such as environmental meteorology and construction sites, to push the digital upgrade of smart weather.
Li Xinran

The Jiading District Meteorological Bureau has recently added new application scenarios, including the environmental meteorology and construction site monitoring systems, to further promote the digital upgrade of smart weather.

Notably, the release of environmental meteorological application scenario is the first of its kind in Shanghai.

On the large electronic screen at the bureau, information about green-house gases and PM2.5 in the district is clear at a glance, and real-time data are updated round the clock.

The bureau has launched a dynamic visual monitoring system for carbon dioxide and methane, two typical greenhouse gases, which will help meteorologists more quickly spot the meteorological conditions of the suburban district from the perspective of the atmospheric environment.

Bureau eyes digital upgrade of smart weather
Xi Rou

The environmental meteorology monitoring screen provides real-time analysis on pollution control in Jiading.

"Only with a deep understanding of it can we reduce carbon emission, which is the first step of energy conservation and emission reduction," said Wei Xiaoli, a meteorologist with the bureau.

In addition to the screen for environmental meteorological scenes, another screen for construction site monitoring is also a highlight of this year.

The application module collects the information of major urban construction projects in Jiading and assesses their safety and quality risk from the meteorological perspective, so as to provide decision-making support for urban operation and management departments in a timely manner.

"By combining real-time data and weather forecasts, the system can predict the risks that construction sites may encounter," said Zhao Jiewei, another meteorologist with the bureau.

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