Expat workstation for medical innovation

Shi Jingyun
The first foreign academic workstation in Jiading District, the "Academician Atta-ur Rahman Workstation," has been established in Jiangqiao Hospital.
Shi Jingyun

The Academician Atta-ur Rahman Workstation was established in Jiangqiao Hospital on November 30.

It is the first foreign academic workstation in Jiading District. Through cooperation, the workstation aims to help improve the hospital's scientific research capability in the field of neurology.

Professor Atta-ur Rahman, a Pakistani organic chemist, is an appointed academician with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and serves as Professor Emeritus at the University of Karachi. He has made innovative contributions to the research of molecular structure and synthesis.

As planned, Rahman will cooperate with Jiangqiao Hospital to carry out research on drug treatments of neurodegenerative diseases, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease.

Jiangqiao Hospital will continue to strengthen discipline construction and talent training, and strive to build a regional medical center with strong influence.

The workstation will provide technical support for the hospital's scientific research development.

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