Get yourself an affordable rental home in Jiading

Shi Jingyun
Jiading has accelerated its affordable rental housing scheme with a total of 11,873 affordable rental housing units being constructed or planned.
Shi Jingyun

Jiading has accelerated its affordable rental housing scheme with a total of 11,873 units being constructed or planned in the first 11 months of this year.

The district remains committed to help alleviate the housing difficulties of certain groups, and constantly meet people's aspirations for a better life.

In June, the Umiiiiiiihome development, located on Chaxi Road near Nanxiang Metro station, was selected as an affordable rental housing project.

Remodelled from a commercial and office development and positioned as a bachelor apartment project, it offers 973 residential units ranging from 20 to 40 square meters.

Each unit has a living, kitchen, dining, sleeping and study area, along with a separate bathroom. Shared facilities at the project include a gym, a reading room, a public kitchen and a public laundry, creating an atmosphere of community life.

"The location is convenient for me as it takes about 10 minutes to walk to the nearest Metro station or get to my office by bike," said He Yi, a graduate who became a tenant at this project in August.

"Moreover, the facilities and services are good while the community here feels like a big family to me where I can find peers who share similar interests and hobbies."

At present, the occupancy rate of the project has exceeded 96 percent. Tenants who meet the talent application terms can enjoy a 10-percent discount off the normal market price of between 2,400 yuan and 4,000 yuan (US$343-US$572) per month.

Meanwhile, Jiading has also been speeding up the construction of affordable rental housing.

The affordable rental housing project built in Anting Town covers a site area of about 37,000 square meters. Eight high-rise buildings with 24 to 26 floors will be built, with a total construction area of 127,000 square meters.

Upon completion, 2,018 residential units spanning 35 to 90 square meters each will be provided. As planned, the project is expected to be complete by the end of 2024 and be ready for delivery at the beginning of 2025.

By the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25), Jiading will complete construction or confirm remodeling plans for 51,264 affordable rental residential units among which 23,399 units will be delivered.

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