Qingpu firms listed as regional HQ, R&D center

Hu Min
Two businesses in Shanghai's Qingpu District were certified as regional headquarters and research and development centers of multinational companies.
Hu Min

Two firms in Shanghai’s Qingpu District were awarded official certificates as regional headquarters and research and development center of international corporations.

Schlumberger Oilfield Equipments (Shanghai) Co Ltd was awarded the certificate as regional headquarters, while Nivea (Shanghai) Co Ltd was granted the certificate of R&D center. They were among the 20 regional headquarters and 10 R&D centers of multinational companies that received the certificates from Shanghai Mayor Gong Zheng early this month.

Schlumberger Oilfield Equipments (Shanghai) Co Ltd was set up in 2005 in Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Zone. Its parent company, Schlumberger NV, is a well-known multinational oilfield service provider.

The Shanghai company specializes in the production and manufacturing of oilfield equipment, and its sales revenue accounts for more than 12 percent of Schlumberger NV’s total in the segment.

It supervises three manufacturing units in China and has been elevated to the status of the headquarters of Schlumberger NV’s oilfield equipment production division in China.

“Over the last decade, we have witnessed Shanghai’s favorable business environment and the city government’s strong support for foreign-funded industry investment,” said Neil Gorrie, SDPU product center manager of SLB.

Despite the impact of COVID-19, the Shanghai company’s sales volume increased by about 40 percent year on year in 2022, and its new factory was also put into service.

“The fact that China’s oilfield equipment production division’s headquarters will be in Shanghai shows that SLB is confident in its growth in Shanghai and in China’s research, development and manufacturing skills,” Gorrie said.

This year, the company will add new production lines and invest in more factories, and further deepen its roots in Qingpu to achieve solid growth.

Beiersdorf Group founded Nivea (Shanghai) Co Ltd in 1994. It is also in the Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Zone. Its research and development center in Shanghai is the group’s second-largest R&D hub in the world, only after that in Hamburg, Germany.

Qingpu has eight regional headquarters and eight R&D centers of international corporations.

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