Sheshan Half Marathon becomes iconic annual sporting event in the city

The G60 Shanghai Sheshan Half Marathon was held in the city, bringing local and international athletes, highlighting the achievements of the "G60 scientific corridor.
Sheshan Half Marathon becomes iconic annual sporting event in the city

The 2023 G60 Shanghai Sheshan Half Marathon held last month has become one of Shanghai's signature annual sporting events.

The competition attracted over 5,000 domestic and foreign athletes. Sintayehu Dinksa Jena from Ethiopia crossed the finish line first with a time of 1 hour, 2 minutes and 30 seconds, while Ebesie Ayele Balcha, also from Ethiopia, broke the women's record with a time 1:09:47, winning the women's championship.

"This is a very professional race," she said.

Zhang Zhihao from China won the domestic men's championship.

"I am very happy to come to Sheshan. The scenery here is beautiful, the people are very friendly, and the race arrangement is very reasonable."

Pan Hong, who won the domestic women's championship, echoed with Zhang.

"The track was good, the weather was marvellous, and the audience was enthusiastic," she said.

The 21-kilometer-long ecological track passed through famous scenic spots in Songjiang such as Sheshan National Forest Park and Guangfulin Cultural Relics, as well as the green Songjiang University Town, kindling the enthusiasm of the athletes.

The event highlights Songjiang's culture and history, as well as showcases the scientific and ecological charm of Songjiang with G60 High-tech Corridor as its axis.

"I love sports. Last year, our company settled in Songjiang. This time, participating in the race, I really feel that it lives up to its reputation," said runner Wang Miaomiao after the race.

"Not only did I enjoy the race, but it also gave us more confidence to start a business and develop in Songjiang."

Cai Bin, a professional photographer in his 30s who has been running for nearly 10 years, said, "I have participated in some domestic marathons, and I really feel that the Sheshan Half Marathon has been done very well.

"The feeling of running along the streets, parks and buildings is amazing. Songjiang is becoming more and more beautiful. I hope that running can make our lives better," he said.

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