District promotes high-quality development around Binjiang

Li Xinran
Yangpu will benchmark the new rules of the World Bank's business environment assessment and the new requirements of Shanghai's business environment innovation pilot.
Li Xinran

A high-quality business environment is the "first mover" for economic development and the "stabilizer" for unleashing vitality. As a result, Yangpu continues to optimize its business environment, implement new policies, attract new talent, launch new plans, create a first-class market environment, and promote high-quality development around the Yangpu Binjiang area.

The riverside area, led by the "Changyang Show Belt," is making every effort to build the first batch of online new economy ecological parks in Shanghai and to be the first choice for urban digital transformation industries.

Driven by leading enterprises such as Meituan, ByteDance, and Bilibili, a group of "gazelle" and "unicorn" enterprises are constantly gathering in Yangpu, and Binjiang is becoming a hot spot for industrial development in the online new economy field.

Yangpu is expected to introduce, cultivate and develop over 30 leading online new economy enterprises and over 3,000 innovative online new economy enterprises by 2025, with an industrial scale exceeding 300 billion yuan (US$42.5 billion).

As a gathering place for century-old industries, universities and public utilities, Yangpu Binjiang is transforming from an "industrial rust belt" to a "lifestyle show belt" and a "development show belt."

Various emerging enterprises are flocking to the area, and national university science and technology parks are full of vitality, alongside the opening of the Shanghai Technology Exchange.

District promotes high-quality development around Binjiang
Ti Gong

Changyang Show Belt along Yangpu's Binjiang area

Yangpu will conduct a comprehensive benchmarking analysis of the World Bank's new rules on business environment assessments, as well as Shanghai's new requirements for business environment innovation pilots, highlighting the four key points of "international perspective, Yangpu characteristics, digital empowerment and micro unobstructedness."

It will also carry out the four major actions of "benchmarking business rules, optimizing innovation ecology, improving enterprise service quality and empowering practical projects," and launch 160 measures to optimize the business environment.

Yangpu aims to establish a national demonstration zone for online market regulation and services, upgrade market access, franchising, and convenience. It will leverage the advantages of leading digital enterprises in Yangpu, carry out special actions to empower small and medium-sized businesses for digital transformation, and create a favorable ecosystem for the digital economy.

Yangpu will improve the inclusive and prudent regulatory model, deepen pilot reforms of compliance for digital-economy enterprises, promote further construction of a public services system for intellectual property, strengthen protection of intellectual property rights in new fields and formats such as big data and artificial intelligence, and demonstrate the strength of legal protection for business environments.

Yangpu will prioritize internationalization as an important standard and focus on digitization and green, low-carbon solutions. It aims to leverage modern information technology to enhance the level of intelligent government services and promote the implementation of off-site supervision. Additionally, the district will continuously facilitate the construction of a green, ecological urban area in the southern section of Yangpu Binjiang, accelerate the creation of a low-carbon ecological demonstration zone in the middle and northern sections of Yangpu Binjiang.

Yangpu Binjiang is dedicated to becoming a global hub for innovative and entrepreneurial talent.

Yangpu intends to promote the construction of the Yangpu Online New Economy Future Talent Laboratory, facilitate sharing of teaching resources, training platforms, experts, and teachers, and build a comprehensive ecosystem for nurturing youth talent, incubating innovation projects, and cultivating key industries.

The district is expected to attract more than 10 universities, 20 enterprises, and 30 top industry mentors to settle in the future talent laboratory by 2025; to incubate 40 high-quality innovation projects; and to cultivate 5,000 young professionals in the online new economy.

Yangpu will fully leverage its advantages of distinctive innovation and entrepreneurship characteristics, abundant spaces, complete support facilities for public services, and a strong foundation for industry-city integration to attract multinational corporations, state-owned enterprises, and innovative leaders to join its "circle of friends."

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