Home Study's first outlet in cultural relic venue

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Home Study has opened a new outlet at the former home of Yin Yougui , the younger brother of Yin Youmo, one of the district's early entrepreneurs.
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Home Study, a community culture brand established in 2017 in Jiading District, opened its first outlet at a cultural relic venue last month in Jiading Industrial Zone, signaling the most recent attempt by local authorities to explore novel approaches to safeguarding and making use of cultural relics.

The former residence of Yin Yougui, who was the younger brother of Yin Youmo — one of Jiading’s early entrepreneurs, is situated at 282 Nanxin Road and covers an area of 409 square meters. It was renovated last year, keeping many of the structure’s original architectural features, including the entrance hall, the door of etiquette between the front yard and main hall, and the courtyard.

Home Study's first outlet in cultural relic venue
Zhou Yulin

The former residence of Yin Yougui in Jiading Industrial Zone opened last month as a Home Study outlet.

The residence-turned-Home Study, built during the early Republic of China (1912-1949) period, features the traditional Jiangnan (the areas south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River) style.

It is furnished with a collection of about 2,000 books in three main categories: publishing and printing, historical and ancient architecture, and traditional intangible cultural heritage.

“This Home Study focuses on the theme of printing, and both the district and town-level libraries will provide relevant books,” according to Zhu Yajun, director of Jiading Industrial Zone’s culture and sports service center.

“Additionally, we have placed QR codes throughout the Yin family homes, so that visitors can gain a deeper appreciation of the history of the place and learn more about traditional Chinese architecture by scanning the codes.”

The Home Study will organize activities related to topics such as books, printing, tea, and traditional Chinese opera, in keeping with the architectural style of the property.

Since 2017, 30 Home Study outlets have opened across Jiading District as an extension of public libraries for the benefit of local residents.

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