Jinze Town offers incentives to lure talent

Hu Min
Jinze Town is home to the Xicen Science and Innovation Center, covering 409 hectares, a key part of the Yangtze River Delta digital line.
Hu Min

Jinze Town, as a core part of the Yangtze River Delta Ecology and Greenery Integration Demonstration Zone, is conducting an intensive campaign to attract talent with a range of incentive measures.

Wang Chenxin, a graduate of Hohai University in Jiangsu Province, started working at Shanghai Taipu River Economy Development Co Ltd last month and has settled in a newly renovated talent apartment in the town. A native of Henan Province, Wang was employed last year under a university recruitment campaign by the town.

After the recruitment plan was launched in the Yangtze River Delta region, 61 graduates from six universities applied for posts and three were hired after several rounds of exams and interviews.

Their comprehensive capabilities in verbal expression, logical thinking, organization and coordination, and professional skills and knowledge were tested.

These young faces will inject vitality into the town’s high-quality development, officials said.

To cultivate the talent, the town has implemented a pairing mechanism with veteran staffers helping these new graduates grow rapidly. They are also dispatched to work at the grassroots to accumulate experience and better power the town’s development.

Jinze Town is home to the Xicen Science and Innovation Center, which covers 409 hectares and is a significant part of the Yangtze River Delta’s digital infrastructure. Relying on the Huawei Qingpu Research Center, it aims to develop the digital economy and establish innovation industry chains through close cooperation.

In recent years, the town has stepped up efforts to lure talent to satisfy its development demands on industry economy, construction and rural revitalization.

A well-equipped rental housing plan for talent has been implemented to create a sense of belonging and tackle the housing problem for them. Idle apartments of some residential complexes were renovated under the scheme.

“It is a very warm touch to tackle our concerns,” Wang said.

In the future, the cultivation of talent will be one of the priorities of the town in the long term to deliver a strong boost to the development of Qingpu District, officials said.

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