Exhibition shines spotlight on social changes in Jiading

Wang Jie
An exhibition of calligraphy and seal carving in Jiading District reflects the changes in the district and the improvement of the living standards of locals.
Wang Jie
Exhibition shines spotlight on social changes in Jiading
Yang Yujie

A visitor snaps a picture of a seal carving at the exhibition. Chinese seal carvings are important cultural artifacts.

The Jiading Federation of Literature and Art’s annual exhibition of calligraphy, painting and seal carving is currently under way at the new building of Jiading Archives.

The exhibition features 145 pieces of work that depict the changes in the suburban district and the improvement in the locals’ living conditions.

Visitors entering the exhibition hall will discover a series of artworks with a distinct theme and rich content. The calligraphy works encompass a variety of writing styles.

Exhibition shines spotlight on social changes in Jiading
Yang Yujie

The exhibition features 145 pieces of work.

Zhang Bo, who has been delving into the art of calligraphy for over 30 years, is displaying his latest creations.

“Shi Tao, a renowned painter of the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911), once said that ‘ink and brush should follow the times,’” Zhang said. “Similarly, I would continue to use my brush to create works dedicated to this magnificent era.”

The exhibition covers both traditional and modern themes, with the development of the district recorded from various artistic perspectives.

“As a newcomer, I’ve witnessed Jiading’s rapid development and cultural charm,” said Jin Liyan, an art teacher who has been teaching in a school since 2012.

Aside from the painting and calligraphy, numerous seal carving works are also noteworthy.

They are artistically exquisite and well-made, allowing visitors to experience the power within a square inch and the visual impact offered by various materials.

Seal carving has a long and illustrious history, and it is a significant carrier of Chinese culture.

The 145 artworks on display, created by artists aged between 21 and 91 years, were chosen from a pool of 240 applicants.

“The exhibition is a review of the achievements in painting and calligraphy in Jiading over the last three years,” said Gu Jingwei, director of the Lu Yanshao Art Institute.

It’s also worth noting that some 40 works are displayed on electronic screens.

“We also created an e-book in the hopes of leaving all participants a visual record,” Gu said.

The exhibition runs until February 18 next year. In addition to the main venue, some of the exhibits are on display at Chenjiashan Park.

The organizers will also host tutorial activities and art exchange events during the exhibition.

Exhibition of Calligraphy, Painting and Seal Carving

Main venue: Jiading Archives

Date: Through February 18, 2024 (closed on weekends), 9am-4pm

Address: 116 Jiajian Highway


Another venue: Chenjiashan Park

Date: Through February 18, 2024 (closed on Mondays), 10am-4:30pm

Address: 860 Pingcheng Road


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