An eclectic mix of rock, pop, art and theater

August is coming, and the Guide has selected some fantastic events for you in the forthcoming scorching month. 

August is coming, and the Guide has selected some fantastic events for you in the forthcoming scorching month. We have exotic bands and stars, science and art exhibitions, and dramas and clown shows in town. Invite your friends and enjoy the hottest days and nights in Shanghai. Sophie Wang guides.

Icelandic combo fuses the best in rock, indie and blues

★ Highlight: An incarnation of instrumental post-rockers

Ti Gong

An energetic, melodious rock band from iceland will hit shanghai in August.

“For a Minor reflection” is a band made up of four 23-year-olds including Kjartan Holm (guitar), guðfinnur sveinsson (guitar & piano), elvar Jón guðmundsson (bass) and andri Freyr Þorgeirsson (drums).

Far from simple to define, their music expands and subverts itself with every song.

Starting life as a hard rock duo in a tiny garage in reykjavík, the band morphed into an Indie rock trio, for a week or so, then a blues quartet, for a little longer, before finally arriving at their current incarnation: instrumental post-rockers du jour.

More exciting news is that the band has just released a new EP that is sure to be worth a major reflection.

Cigarettes After Sex a perfect combination

★Highlight: A melancholic, androgynous pop noir set in smoke-filled darkness

Ti Gong

Cigarettes after sex comes to China for a special stage Left Concrete & grass sideshow, which will catch you in a hell of a spell when they perform a concert in shanghai next month.

Their cinematic slow-burning pop unwinds like an achingly romantic movie. taking their lead from the likes of

Mazzy star and the red House Painters, this is a rare band that can create a singular world and mood of its own — a fact not lost on their growing, devoted following.

The band will bring a melancholic, androgynous pop noir set in smoke-filled darkness, and a delicate, elemental and otherworldly wash of ambience. their music is worth savoring and lingering over. these are siren songs,leading you puppeteer-like, towards an entrancing, enchanting state of mind, which is somewhere between nostalgic and meditative.

Ariana Grande is a ‘Dangerous Woman’

★ Highlight: Everybody’s adorable and sexy sweetheart visits Shanghai 

Everybody’s adorable and sexy sweetheart Ariana Arande has just laid out 2017 plans for her Dangerous woman tour. she will hit the road in early 2017 for about three months of touring and performing all over the world, including shanghai.

Ariana’s latest studio album “Dangerous woman”has received a very warm welcome from her fans, although she still does have some haters due to that whole donut shop fiasco where Ariana apparently licked a tray of donuts. but that’s all in the past.

Fans are excited to see perform live in concert, and so far she will visit shanghai.

Mitsume and DYGL turning Shanghai Japanese

★ Highlight: A party for Indie-rock communities

Ti Gong

Two Japanese Indie bands, Mitsume and DYGL, plan for a summer tour in shanghai.Mitsume subscribes to an easy-to-get-behind ethos regularly found in Indie-rock communities.

“Since our first album, we’ve been under nobody’s control but our own,” says lead vocalist Moto Kawabe. “We prefer to do whatever we can ourselves.”accordingly, the Tokyo-based quartet has released all its

singles, EPs and albums through its own self-titled label, including a third full-length player “sasayaki.”

DYGL is an Indie rock band founded in 2012 when the members were in a Tokyo college.They play live mainly in Tokyo and released their first physical work,in June 2016. in the summer of 2015, they performed live in LA and Philadelphia.

Branagh to star in the Bard’s problem play

★Highlight: Shakespeare’s timeless tragicomedy of obsession and redemption

Ti Gong

The Kenneth branagh theater Company has planned an unmissable year of drama. shakespeare’s timeless tragi-comedy of obsession and redemption, “the winter’s tale,”is reimagined in this new production co-directed by rob ashford and Kenneth branagh. this will be the first time the play has been shown in shanghai.

King Leontes (branagh) appears to have everything: power,wealth, a loving family and friends. but sexual jealousy sets in motion a chain of events with tragic consequences.

A magical forest adventure show for kids

★ Highlight: A welcomed show for babies back in Shanghai

Ti Gong

A child play “the Pine tree,Poggle and Me” will be put on the stage again in shanghai this August.

It is the story of vince, who wants to explore the forest but is too scared, until one day he meets Poggle, a friendly creature. together they go on an adventure through the forest where they discover the magical musical tree.

This is a warm-hearted, sensory dance theater piece with live music, clapping rhythms and comedy throughout, in an imaginatively changing world that the children have the chance to explore.

Clown Carnival sure to mess around

★Highlight: A humorous show integrating acrobatics, magic and techniques

Ti Gong

In recent years, a “Clown Carnival” troupe in China has gained more and more popularity,with its hilarious shows bringing laughter to all. the troupe are now bringing their show in August.

In order to stage a special party, which mixes the comical and integrates acrobatics, magic and several other techniques, the firm handpicked farceurs from countries such as russia, germany, Ukraine, the republic of belarus, Uzbekistan and Moldova to form several groups.

Oskotskiy boris, one of its performers, is the leading actor of Moscow national Circus troupe and actor of Merit of russia.

He has won a national subsidy, participated in the international Clown Contest held in europe on several occasions, and received an award at the Monte Carlo international Circus Festival.

For many years, he has maintained his unique facial design and costume style, which fully demonstrates the humorous and warm artistic style and have won people’s hearts all over the world.

A science expo for a greater understanding

★ Highlight: A large-scale exhibition for the popular science industry

Ti Gong

A large-scale exhibition for the popular science industry,shanghai international Popular science Products expo will open in August.

It is a joint initiative which aims at developing a market for popular science products in satisfaction of people’s growing needs for popular science.

It also builds a platform for the better promotion of popular science products, so the general public will develop a proper understanding of them and learn their proper usage.

The event also aims at advancing the translation of technical achievements into popular science products with a wider range of applications in people’s everyday life.

It facilitates trading and promotion of popular science products and provides guidance for more enterprises, public institutions, higher education providers and research institutions to become a part of the research, development and production.

Time and space explored in eclectic art

★ Highlight: Nature, life and death

Ti Gong

“Time, History and Universe; nature, Life and Death” —are all “rituals” performed by the Zeist. Hiroshi sugimoto,with his cameras, and dedicated to four decades of life,scattering his traces across the world and recording these“rituals” in the universe.

His solo exhibition “a ritual of exposures” in the Je Fine art gallery showcases his most important photo series across time and space, including seascapes, theatres, Dioramas, Polarized Colors, Pots and stylized sculptures. His persistently black-and-white monochromes preserve the eternal horizon; the still theatre images retain the passing of time; the vivid animal scenes narrate the paradox of death; and the civilization created by humans becomes a glance into the history.

Pet Fair Asia explores better options

★ Highlight: An international trade show for pet supplies and aquariums

Ti Gong

Pet Fair Asia, an international trade show for pet supplies and aquariums, is taking place in shanghai.

The event gives a significant importance to China and Asian countries as markets, while proposing an upper-standard products profile when it comes to sourcing.

The fair brings together high quality tools and events, making it easier than ever to expand your network with quality partners in China and abroad.

With exhibitors and visitors both from new markets(China, south Asia, Latin America and etc) and mature destinations (Europe, USA, Japan and etc), the fair helps domestic brands to explore overseas distribution channels, while international brands will find strong support to enter booming markets like China.

Pet Fair Asia is a unique chance to meet the right partners for your growth around the world.

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