Celebrated director to team up with renowned actress in an epic new drama

Chinese mainland director Ding Hei will join hands with celebrated actress Sun Li on an epic new drama about the life and love of a legendary businesswoman.
Ti Gong

Fourteen years since the success of the police series "Jade Goddess of Mercy," Chinese director Ding Hei is collaborating with actress Sun Li again in an epic new TV drama about the legendary life of a Chinese businesswoman.

The epic drama, titled "Nothing Gold Can Stay," is based on the true story of the Wu family in northwestern China's Shaanxi Province. 

Set to the backdrop of the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Sun portrays Zhou Ying, who later became one of the country's great business tycoons.

Sun rose to fame in director Ding's series "Jade Goddess of Mercy," which is adapted from the famous novel by Hai Yan. Her impressive performance in the epic historical series "Empresses in the Palace" and "The Legend of Miyue" made her one of China's A-list stars.

But according to Sun, it is still a challenge for her to portray such a legendary figure with superb business talents. 

Oscar-winning Hong Kong designer Tim Yip will be the series' art designer. 

"Nothing Gold Can Stay" is slated for release on Dragon TV later this year. 

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