Popular comedy drama to perform in town

"Semianyki: The Family," which blends elements of various comedy theater from Europe, is coming to Shanghai!

The comedy drama "Semianyki: The Family" – hailed by audiences and critics alike – blends elements of varied comedy theater from Europe, such as English burlesque and French mime. And its coming to Shanghai!

Created by artists from Russia, the show vividly depicts the joy, the craziness and the survival strategies of a family, which is made up of a pregnant yet flirtatious mother, a caring yet alcoholic father and their four tender yet unruly kids. 

Hilarious and heart-warming scenes of love and chaos explore the essence and charm of the family.

The show was developed from a sketch performed for Russia's Theater and Mime School in 2003. Two years later it was hailed at the famous Festival of Avignon, and then the show embarked on the French and international touring circuit.

As Figaroscope newspaper commented, "With a bewildering precision, they share something intimate and universal with children as well as adults, with no need for words...This show, closely related to the first burlesque films, distributes energy, magic and poetry."

Popular comedy drama to perform in town
Ti Gong

Performance details

Date: October 5-6, 7:30pm; October 6-7, 2:30pm

Tickets: 80-380 yuan

Tel: 5415-8976

Venue: Shanghai City Theater

Address: 4889 Dushi Rd

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