Sino-Japanese co-production starts shooting in Shanghai

Celebrated Japanese film producer Shozo Ichiyama works with Chinese director Wang Qi on "Autumn Leaves," a story about a Chinese family who move to Japan in the 1990s.
Sino-Japanese co-production starts shooting in Shanghai
Ti Gong

The poster for "Autumn Leaves"

Sino-Japanese co-production "Autumn Leaves" started shooting in Shanghai yesterday.

The film tells the story of a Chinese family who moves to Japan in the 1990s. It depicts the endeavors of the family to adapt to a new environment where they face a lot of cultural differences and conflicts.

Celebrated Japanese producer Shozo Ichiyama, who has worked with renowned Japanese filmmaker Kitano Takeshi and Taiwan director Hou Hsiao-hsien on many acclaimed productions, is the film's producer.

Ichiyama said that he was deeply impressed by the movie's script, written by young Chinese director Wang Qi who grew up in Japan. The story's rich Japanese cultural elements and a novel perspective of family life made him decide to produce the film.

Wang, who graduated from the University of the Arts London, has had several films selected and honored at international film festivals. Born in Beijing, Wang grew up in Japan. He said such an experience lead him to be quite sensitive to cultural differences.

"Although they have lived in Japan for dozens of years, many Chinese immigrants still can't speak Japanese or adapt to local society and culture," director Wang added.

The art film will be distributed overseas and will be submitted to international film festivals.  

Sino-Japanese co-production starts shooting in Shanghai
Ti Gong

Japanese film producer Shozo Ichiyama

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