'Herbal China' to be aired on local TV

The second season of the well-received documentary series "The Tale of Chinese Medicine" tells the stories of Chinese herbs and traditional Chinese medicine. 
'Herbal China' to be aired on local TV
Ti Gong

Herbs and the treatments in traditional Chinese medicine are novel and a little bit mysterious to many people. But the secrets and distinctive charm of TCM will be uncovered in "Herbal China," a six-episode documentary series.

The series is the second season of "The Tale of Chinese Medicine," which received high viewership and praise from both critics and audiences alike last year. 

The new season will hit the airwaves on Dragon TV at 8:38pm on September 3.

Produced by Shanghai Media Group's Yunji Media, the series documents the legendary recipes and therapies of TCM. It offers an insight into the origins and development of TCM, as well as its profound influence on the lives of Chinese people.

Han Yun, producer of the documentary series, said it will change people's stereotypes about Chinese herbs.

"Many young people think Chinese herbs are bitter, and that they are very far from their lives," Han said. "This is not true – many Chinese herbs are beautiful, interesting and incredible. They are warm and healing. They convey rich Chinese wisdom and philosophy."

The series shows how Chinese people gather sea cucumber, rose petals and bird's nests from nature for different therapies. The mix of different medicinal materials can deliver different healing effects.

Shooting for the series was difficult, as the crew had to follow the steps of TCM practitioners in the wilderness to record how the herbs are gathered. Many grow high up on cliffs. 

The series is shot in 4K to present more stunning visual effects.

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