New military film about China's navy to be released

Hong Kong filmmaker Dante Lam's "Operation Red Sea" will be released later this year. It is the latest production from the director since the success of “Operation Mekong.”
Ti Gong

Director Dante Lam (left) on set

Following the success of "Operation Mekong," Hong Kong filmmaker Dante Lam will present his latest offering, "Operation Red Sea," later this year.

The action-packed film, starring Zhang Yi and Hai Qing, revolves around China's marine corps who embark on an adventurous journey to Africa to rescue hostages from terrorists.

Advanced arms of China's navy are displayed in the film, and actors received professional military training. Some of them were wounded during shooting.

Many of the film's scenes were shot in Morocco. 

Director Lam expressed his gratitude to the support of China's navy and said it was the first time for him to shoot battle scenes on the sea.

In late 2016, Lam's “Operation Mekong” grossed 1.18 billion yuan (US$180 million) in China. The critically acclaimed film was based on a true event on the Mekong River in 2011, when 13 crew members on Chinese ships were killed on a stretch of the river in the Golden Triangle region.

Ti Gong
Ti Gong
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