New season of 'The Next' hits the airwaves

The original musical show gathers grassroots singers from all over China to compete with their idols on the same stage across a number of musical genres. 
Ti Gong

(From left) Zhang Jie, Maren Mok, Fei Yu-ching, Yang Kun and Hua Chenyu

The second season of the inspiring musical entertainment show “The Next” hit the airwaves yesterday on Dragon TV. The original show gathers grassroots singers from all over the country to compete with their idols on the same stage.

Among the celebrated singers are Hong Kong pop star Karen Mok, Taiwanese singer Fei Yu-ching, as well as mainland singers Yang Kun, Hua Chenyu and Zhang Jie. 

All of them will face challenges from grassroots musical talents. They will compete in varied genres such as ballad, pop and hip-hop.

According to Li Wenyu, director of the show, the grassroots challengers are from all walks of life. Among them are an accountant, a primary school teacher and a sanitation worker.

“Although most of them haven’t received professional training before, they have displayed extraordinary talent and skills in singing,” Li said. “The celebrities will meet unprecedented challenges this time.”

Another highlight of the show is that the performers need to remix previous hits within only 24 hours. Many classic songs such as “Let Us Sway Twin Oars” and “Chinese Heart” will be presented in a brand-new remix version.

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