Youku announces massive batch of new shows

Youku today announced a huge list of new shows which will hit the airwaves soon. From epic drama to adventure, dancing to robot combat, there's something for everyone.
Youku announces massive batch of new shows
Ti Gong

“The Longest Day in Chang’an” is a series based on a novel by Ma Boyong. 

Chinese video-streaming site Youku announced a series of new online sitcoms and reality shows in Shanghai today, with offerings sure to please everyone. 

Many of the upcoming programs will feature A-list actors and producers from around the country.

Actress Tang Wei, known for her impressive performance in Ang Lee’s Golden Lion-winning film “Lust, Caution,” made her series debut in the epic drama “A Legend of Sun Ruowei.” It is about the life and love of Sun Ruowei, a legendary empress from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Popular online adventure novels such as “The Tibet Code” and the latest episodes of “The Graver Robbers’ Chronicles” will be adapted into new sitcoms, promising lavish scenes and stunning CG visual effects.

Officials from Youku confirmed that they will produce sequels to acclaimed historical series “Military Alliance,” suspense crime series “Day and Night” and youth romance series “The Spring Breeze, Inferior to You.”

Heartthrob Yi Yangqianxi, a member of boy band sensation TFBoys, will star in the inspiring series “New Youth,” as well as in the historical suspense series “The Longest Day In Chang’an.”

Based on a novel by Ma Boyong, “The Longest Day In Chang’an” tells the story of a retired soldier from the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) who saves the lives of the old capital’s citizens. The series will feature spin-offs like video games and music.

In the reality category, new shows will cover diverse subjects such as hip-hop, robotics, pets, love and culture.

“Street Dance of China,” which features amazing dances from celebrities and professional dancers alike, will make its debut early next year.

The Chinese version of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” will invite top-notch comedy stars from around China to present hilarious comedy sketches on screen. Famous filmmaker Feng Xiaogang will collaborate with composer and music producer Gao Xiaosong to host a talk show called “The Birth of Talk Show King.”

“This Is Bots,” which will provide young robotics enthusiasts with a platform for robot combat, will feature creative robotic machines from all over the world.

Youku announces massive batch of new shows
Ti Gong

Mainland actress Tang Wei makes her series debut in the epic drama "A Legend of Sun Ruowei." 

Youku announces massive batch of new shows
Ti Gong

The poster for "Street Dance of China"

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