High technology applied to dating show

The creative program applies big data to the candidate's selection of date mate. It also combines elements of reality TV.
Ti Gong

“Mum Mate Computer Date,” a creative dating show, will make its debut on Shenzhen Satellite TV on November 24.

Produced by Star China, which is known for talent shows “Sing My Song” and “Amazing Chinese,” the program applies big data analysis to selecting the candidates' Mr or Ms Right.

In each episode, the candidate will have three choices, one selected by his mother, one by his close friend and the other by computer analysis based on his own preference.

The candidate will make final choice after learning more about each one through communication and interaction. It is not until then that he can meet with the date mate in person.

According to Liu Na, chief director of the program, the show reflects the view of love among today’s young people.

“For us, it is also an experiment as it uses big data,” Liu said. “And also it combines elements of reality TV.”

Star China and Shenzhen Satellite TV have agreed on wider cooperation in TV production. In the following years, a few more original shows covering the subjects of culture, family and comedy will be produced.

Ti Gong
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