Dragon TV announces 2018 content

TV dramas, reality documentary series and variety shows will debut on Dragon TV next year, as the station vows to offer more diverse and original content in 2018.
Ti Gong

Shanghai-based satellite TV station, Dragon TV, has announced a series of new broadcasting and production projects for 2018, covering a wide range of genres including drama, reality show, documentary and variety show.

Among the highly anticipated TV dramas are the sequel to the popular historical drama “Nirvana in Fire,” period drama “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace,” anti-corruption series “Puzzle,” suspense series “Mystery of Antiques,” romance series “City of Desire” and fantasy drama “Martial Universe.” 

Many of these series will seek to reach a younger, urban audience.

“Mars 2033,” said to be the world’s first reality documentary series about the exploration of the universe, will also be aired on Dragon TV next year. 

The series will follow six Chinese celebrities who will receive professional astronaut training sessions at NASA in the United States, Morocco and the Arctic.

More than 50 variety shows about comedy, music, dance, food, culture and science and technology will be presented. 

The fourth season of “Go Fighting!” will be produced with new challenges for celebrity contestants, while “The Chance of Dating” will show new dating methods and styles of the post-1990s generation.

Ti Gong

Fantasy drama “Martial Universe”

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