New Chinese crime flick premieres in Shanghai

The story of "The Big Call" is based on a true criminal case of telegraphic swindle.

"The Big Call," a film based on a true criminal case, held its premiere in Shanghai yesterday.

Hong Kong director Pang Chun and Chinese mainland actor Chen Xuedong arrived in town to share some behind-the-scenes stories.

The film, said to be China's first anti-phone scam movie, tells the story of policemen and SWAT teams in China who have to chase and catch criminals who swindle hundreds of millions of yuan from business tycoons and ordinary people. 

It is slated for national release on December 8.

Ti Gong

(From left) Actress Peng Xinchen, actor Chen Xuedong and director Pang Chun attend the film's premiere in Shanghai.

Ti Gong

The film also stars Taiwan actress Kwai Lun-mei as one of the leaders of the swindler gang.

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