Popular online novel to be made into film, TV series and game

The novel by online novelist Wang Zhong depicts a fantastic world of kung fu and its unique spirit and charm and chronicles the evolution of Chinese martial arts. 
Ti Gong

Online novelist Wang Zhong (second from left) attends the launch ceremony of the novel's film, TV and game development.

The latest martial arts novel “Dian Dao Wei Zhi” by popular online novelist Mengru Shenji (real name Wang Zhong) will be developed into a film, TV series, animation and video game.

The novel depicts a fantastic world of Chinese kung fu and its unique spirit and charm. It chronicles the evolution of Chinese martial arts over the past few hundred years. 

Techniques of modern mixed martial arts and kickboxing are also revealed.

Jin Zhongbo, CEO of Tang Media Pictures, one of the novel’s developer, said Chinese kung fu is marvelous and mysterious to many people. They are confident in the huge market potential of the story.

The novel has also been uploaded to reading apps including Migu Reading, Zongheng and Panda Reading. Insiders said that although online novels are popular these days, very few of them tell stories about traditional Chinese culture. It is a good sign that Chinese culture and arts are incorporated into online fiction to inspire the younger generation.

Ti Gong

The author performs Chinese kung fu on stage.

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