Charity TV program filming in poverty-stricken areas

While living with villagers, celebrities are helping local farmers explore the region's distinctive products with big market potential.

Shanghai-based Dragon TV is producing a new charity TV program “We Are in Action,” which is currently being shot in poverty-stricken Chengcheng County, Shaanxi Province.

Participating celebrities include TV hostess Chen Rong, entrepreneur Feng Lun and actor Ling Xiaosu. While living with villagers, they are helping local farmers explore the region’s distinctive products with big market potential. 

Experts also offer online and offline marketing strategies.

As one example, the crew have developed a brand for the local handmade delicacy called hollow noodles. Artist Cai Xiaofeng created a design for its logo.

According to the producers, the program will travel to several remote areas to help pull more farmers out of poverty.

Ti Gong

TV hostess Chen Rong (right) and actor Ling Xiaosu (left) participate in the charity TV show.

Ti Gong

Chen Rong, also one of the producers, shares a light moment with local children.

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