Call for more original, realistic TV dramas

Four decades of dramatic changes provide a wealth of material, industry insiders say.

TV industry insiders called for the production of more original realistic TV dramas at Shanghai’s annual industry forum on the production and broadcasting of TV series.

As this year marks the 40th anniversary of China’s launch of reform and opening up, insiders anticipated that realistic epic dramas about the tremendous changes and progress of ordinary people’s lives over the past decades will be a highlight. 

Among the highly anticipated series paying tribute to the achievements of the drive since 1978 is the “The Great River Flows to the East,” produced by Shanghai Media Group and celebrated producer Hou Hongliang.

Meanwhile, military dramas about heroes in the new era and urban dramas about struggles and challenges that today’s people are facing will also be popular.

“These dramas should have positive values, good storytelling methods, refined artistry and the potential to strike a chord among audiences,” said Wang Leiqing, director of SMG’s Film and TV Drama Center.

SMG officials also revealed that they will build up a high-quality film and TV production base in the city for shooting and post-production. Well-known production teams from home and abroad will be invited to incubate and develop film and TV projects.

The forum also released a new urban drama “Long Time No See,” starring young actor Zheng Kai and actress Yang Zishan.

The series revolves around a group of ordinary people who pursue a dream of entrepreneurship. It will start airing on Dragon TV on March 26.

Call for more original, realistic TV dramas
Ti Gong

TV industry insiders talk about the future of Chinese TV.

Call for more original, realistic TV dramas
Ti Gong

TV drama “Long Time No See” stars Zheng Kai (right) and Yang Zishan.

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