Traditional theater artists rehearsing classic plays

Peking Opera performer Shi Yihong will collaborate with 77-year-old Kunqu Opera artist Cai Zhengren to present the classic Peking Opera play "Jin Yunu."
Ti Gong

Shi Yihong (left) and Cai Zhengren rehearse the classic play "Jin Yunu."

Local Peking Opera artist Shi Yihong will cooperate with 77-year-old celebrated Kunqu Opera artist Cai Zhengren to present the classic Peking Opera play "Jin Yunu." 

On May 1, Shi will stage two performances at Shanghai Grand Theater to commemorate Peking Opera masters Mei Lanfang, Shang Xiaoyun, Cheng Yanqiu and Xun Huisheng. 

She will also present new interpretations of classic works "Su San Under Police Escort," "Wang Zhaojun Departs Frontier" and "Chungui Dream." 

Ti Gong

(From left) Peking Opera artists Jin Xihua, Cai Zhengren and Shi Yihong

Ti Gong

Shi Yihong can sing both Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera.

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