Celebrated French filmmaker to attend Shanghai film festival

The 90-year-old Agnes Varda will show up at the film festival in June with her new documentary "Visages Villages." 
Ti Gong

French filmmaker Agnes Varda (left) and photographer/muralist Jean René

Renowned French filmmaker Agnes Varda will bring her new documentary “Visages Villages” to the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival, which will be held from June 16 to 25.

Varda, 90, will attend the film screening in Shanghai and share with local movie buffs how the movie was created. She also hopes to present the festival's Golden Goblet awards for excellent documentaries.

The documentary, a collaboration between Varda and photographer/muralist Jean René, records their journey through rural France where they take photos of different people. Some stunning shots were made into giant posters. 

The film also documents the friendship between Varda and René, as well as the way they work together.

Debuted at last yea’s Cannes Film Festival, the film received acclaims from both critics and audiences. It won the Golden Eye Documentary prize at the film festival.

Known as a leading figure in the development of the French New Wave, Varda has directed more than 30 feature films, documentaries and short flicks during her career of over 50 years. Many of the productions focus on realism and feminist and social issues.

Ti Gong

The two formed an unlikely friendship during the trip.

Ti Gong

Documentary "Visages Villages" 

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