'Street Dance of China' contestant inspires local students

Since its debut on Youku in late February, the variety show has become a hit among youngsters. 
Ti Gong

Dancer Chen Zhengyi teaches local primary school students basic moves.

Popular talent show “Street Dance of China” contestant Chen Zhengyi, who is called “Kangaroo” on the show, interacted with primary school students in Shanghai last week.

Chen displayed dynamic street dance moves for students at the No. 1 Primary School attached to Shanghai Normal University. He also taught them some basics and the spirit of street dance.

“Street dance is an energetic dance style,” said the 24-year-old. “It can inspire young people to be confident, strong and independent.”

Since its debut on Youku in late February, “Street Dance of China” has become a hit among youngsters. 

Freestyle dancer Han Yu won first place after 22 rounds during the show’s finale on May 5.

The following three episodes of the show will feature Han battling with the most popular contestants selected by the audience.

Youku will later host a light-hearted battle between street dance and line dance.

Ti Gong

A scene of the show's finale

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