Charity program travels to Qinghai Province

Celebrities in the charity program "We Are in Action" have to overcome their altitude sickness and find a way to propel the local yak industry.
Ti Gong

Charity TV program “We Are in Action” traveled to Dagayang Village of Qinghai Province to help pull the local herdsmen out of poverty.

This episode, shot at an altitude up to 2,000 meters above sea level, will be aired on Dragon TV tonight at 10pm.

The charity ambassadors in the episode, including Chinese mainland actor Guo Xiaodong, TV hostess Chen Rong and Taiwan singer Richie Jen, all have to overcome altitude sickness and find a way out to propel the local yak industry.

Because of high costs, limited sales channels and relatively conservative mindset, herdsmen make very little profit from yak breeding. 

The celebrities will try their best to help them launch new methods of breeding and provide support in marketing.

Ti Gong

Actor Guo Xiaodong (left) is one of the "charity ambassadors."

Ti Gong

Charity ambassadors talk with a local herdsman about the current yak industry.

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