Films commemorating the establishment of the Communist Party of China

So far 81 theaters and 32 historical resorts of Shanghai have participated, offering 10 "Red Film" itineraries. 
Ti Gong

Shanghai Administration of Culture, Radio, Film and TV has launched “Red Film” itineraries in the city to commemorate the development of the Communist Party of China.

So far 81 theaters and 32 historical resorts around the city have participated, offering 10 “Red Film” itineraries. 

The CPC was founded in Shanghai in 1921.

A total of 50 films about the Party and the country will be screened in total.

The itineraries include the Site of the First National Congress of the CPC, Former Residence of Chairman Mao Zedong, the historical epic film“Beginning of the Great Revival” and war epic “To Liberate Shanghai.”

Other historical sites include Soong Ching Ling Memorial Park, Qian Xuesen Library and Museum and Shanghai Liberation Memorial Hall. Among the first batch of theaters involved are UME International Cineplex, Grand Theater, Wanda International Cinema and Shanghai Film Art Center.

According to the organizers, Shanghai, as the cradle of Chinese cinema, has produced many classic movies and is home to abundant historical sites. These “Red Film” itineraries will provide people of today with an insight into the history.

Ti Gong
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