A wealth of activities to kick off new season

Summer is in the mail and the sun is brighter. As usual, we have selected some amazing exhibitions, wonderful music performances and thought-provoking drama shows for you to enjoy. 

Summer is in the mail and the sun is brighter. As usual, we have selected some amazing exhibitions, wonderful music performances and thought-provoking drama shows for you to enjoy. Joan Zheng guides.

Traveling Frog exhibition

★ Highlight: “Traveling Frog” coming to Shanghai

The Japanese mobile game“Tabi Kaeru,” or “Traveling Frog” in english, has garnered a great deal of popularity with-in the first month of its release.With Apple store downloads surging upwards, the game’s success and enjoyability has been showcased time and time again.

And in the spirit of enjoyment and accessibility, the first exhibition dedicated to all things Traveling Frog will open its doors at Joy City Mall. It will be a space for enthusiasts of the game to comingle and discuss strategies and the like.

At the exhibit, you can explore Traveling Frog’s home,purchase postcards related to the game, buy memorabilia, as well as take part in many other activities.

There will be limited edition stamps for enthusiasts to collect along with complimentary guidelines and information about the route Traveling Frog chooses in the game, which will be helpful for those who just can’t get enough of the game. There is also DIY stamping at the workshop.

Date: Through July 8

Venue: Joy City

Address: 166 Xizang Rd N.

Parallel World twists your sense of reality

★ Highlight: Warp and distort your five senses

The “Parallel World” exhibition promises to be an exciting experience for those who wish to imbue their lives with a sense of illusion.

The “non-human” model of the exhibition is made to present things in a way that causes one to question the sense of reality and a perception of their five senses.

Warping and distorting the senses of taste, smell, touch,hearing and sight, the exhibits focus primarily on giving attendees an unconventional experience.

While in the space, one can explore the vastness of the heavens along the horizontal and vertical axises and the expanse of oceans. It makes for an enticing experience.

Warped pathways, archshaped rooms, gray trees, blue bananas and other sensory anomalies all aid in the sense that one has been removed from earth and placed into another world.

With the idea of the “non-human” in mind, this exhibition pushes the boundaries of what one can believe to be certain and real and what cannot.A trip for the senses and the mind, the Parallel World exhibition is a must for thrill-seekers and adventurers who wish for an alternative perspective of reality.

Date: Through August 31

Venue: Super Brand Mall

Address: 168 Lujiazui Rd W.

Leandro Ehrlich’s solo exhibition: Construction of Reality

★ Highlight: Visual illusions and hallucinatory impacts

A solo exhibition of Argentine artist Leandro Ehrlich, entitled “Construction of Reality,” will be launched at HOW Art Museum in June and will run until October.

In this exhibition, more than 30 pieces of his work will be displayed,covering large-sized interactive installations,video graphics and photography works.

Through a series of reconstructive architectural spaces showing in the exhibition, visitors will be amazed by the visual illusions and hallucinatory impacts contained in these works.

As an architect, Leandro is good at imagining by using mirror surfaces, projection and architectural structures to construct the reality, leading viewers into a “real” world where they question the relation- ships between body and space, individual and society.

Date: June 1-October 15

Venue: HOW Art Museum

Address: No. 1, Lane 2277, Zuchongzhi Rd

The Museum of Broken Relationships: Let it go

★ Highlight: Love stories and romantic items

This summer, one of the most popular museums in the world, the Museum of Broken Relationships, is coming to the city for the first time with a series of love stories and romantic items for shanghai love birds.

The museum was established by two Zagreb-based artists, Olinka Vištica and Draen Grubiši, who were once a couple in Croatia, in 2006. Its exhibits include personal items, donated from former lovers, accompanied by short introductions and explanations.

In the years that followed, the Museum of Broken Relationships began a world tour, traveling to the US, UK, Germany, Holland, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and another 20 countries. It also won the Kenneth Hudson Award for Europe’s most innovative museum in 2011.

Date: June 15-July 31

Venue: Columbia Circle

Address: 1262 Yan’an Rd W.

Life In Color 2018 — Shanghai

★ Highlight: A lineup of experienced DJs

Originating in Florida in America, the amazing music party, Life in Color, will hit shanghai again at the national exhibition and Convention Center on June 9, with yet another strong music line-up this year.

Over the past 10 years, Life in Color has toured more than 40 counties, attracting over 500,000 music enthusiasts.

The highlight of this unique music event is the color, DJs and music.

This year, a strong group of excellent and experienced DJs and music producers will join in the big music party.

Guests include DJ Diesel, Knife Party, Krewella, Dante Klein, Parker, and Chinese music producer Chace, Asuka and Anderson K.

Date: June 9

Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center

Address: 168 Yinggang Rd E.

Yogee New Waves —Bluemin Days Tour 2018

★ Highlight: Multiple music forms

Japanese city-pop band Yogee new Waves will give a warm performance at the Modern sky Lab on June 8.

Founded in 2013, Yogee new Waves is now one of the most popular city-pop bands in Japan. They’ve broken the boundaries of music by using multiple music forms and styles to distinguish their sound.

Over the years the band has performed numerous music shows, including live house performances and music festivals. With warm and soft melodies, Yogee new Waves’ s music will bring you into a bright world filled with sunshine.

Date: June 8

Venue: Modern Sky Lab

Address: 3/F, 188 Ruihong Rd

Drama performance: Snow

★ Highlight: The East meets the West.

Adapted from the novel by renowned Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk, the stage drama performance of “snow” will be staged at the China Theater next month.

It tells a story of poet Ka, who returns to Turkey after a 12-year of exile in Germany.

Recruited by an Istanbul newspaper, he is required to investigate the suicide of young veiled women in Kars, a remote town in Turkey. The snow falls on Kars, blocking all access to the city, and a series of incidents happen.

Directed by Blandine Savetier and Waddah Saab, this new version will combine the elements of drama and culture to create a strong communication between the East and the West for shanghai audiences.

Date: June 22-June 24

Venue: China Theater

Address: 704 Niuzhuang Rd

TNT Theater: Notre-Dame de Paris

★ Highlight: Strength, stamina, intensity and elegance

The drama performance “Notre-Dame de Paris,” which is adapted from the classic novel by French writer Victor hugo, will be presented by TNT  troupe at the shanghai Grand Theater from June 26 to June 30.

The novel tells a story between a gypsy Esmeralda and a bellman Quasimodo.

While there are dozens of films, stage and TV adaptations of this famous novel by Victor hugo, the show by TNT Theater will offer a totally unique experience for shanghai fans. Audiences will be amazed by the entire troupe’s strength, stamina, intensity and elegance.

Founded in 1980, TNT Theater now is an outstanding opera troupe in the United Kingdom, who have won numerous awards for their performance all over the world.

Date: June 26-June 30

Venue: Shanghai Grand Theater

Address: 300 People’s Ave.

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