Celebrities spend time with 'left-behind' children

Many so-called "left-behind" village kids feel lonely as their parents work in big cities. Some reality show stars spent a few days with them to try to lift their spirits a bit.
Ti Gong

Actors Huang Bo (left) and Show Lo play ping-pong with children. 

Stars of the fourth season of outdoor reality series “Go Fighting!” spent a few days living with “left-behind” children in Dongsheng Village, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

In the new episode, celebrities including actors Sun Honglei, Huang Bo, Huang Lei and Zhang Yixing interacted with village kids by doing sports, singing and dancing.

Many “left-behind” children feel lonely as their parents work in big cities to support the family. The stars tried their best to comfort them and make them happy.

At one point they played hide-and-seek and taught the kids how to play ping-pong. 

The episode will be broadcast on Dragon TV this Sunday night.

Ti Gong
Ti Gong
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