Peking Opera shows to commemorate reform and opening-up achievements

The performance titled "We Walk Through Together" will feature generations of Peking Opera artists who will present their representative excerpts on stage.
Ti Gong

A musical theater production to commemorate the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up will be presented by the Shanghai Peking Opera Company in late June.

The performance, titled “We Walk Through Together,” will feature generations of Peking Opera artists presenting their representative excerpts on stage.

The renowned artists include Tong Xiangling, Shang Changrong, Chen Shaoyun and Shi Yihong. They will also talk about their own experiences and look back on the development of Peking Opera over the past few decades.

Local Peking Opera enthusiasts will be invited to share their memories and stories with traditional theater. 

Throughout the year, the Shanghai Peking Opera Company will present a series of performances to mark the achievements made during the past four decades.

Veteran performers Shi Yihong, Li Jun and Wang Peiyu will stage special performances in summer. 

Three of master Shang Changrong’s original plays, including “Cao Cao and Yang Xiu,” “The Glorious Period of Zhenguan” and “Honest Official Yu Chenglong,” will be restaged in Beijing in late September by the company’s young performers.

During the National Day holiday in early October, some newly adapted shows such as “The Cave of the Silken Web” and ”The Dragon and the Phoenix Bringing Prosperity" will also hit the stage.

Performance details

Date: June 28, 7:30pm
Tel: 5461-9880
Venue: Shanghai Concert Hall
Address: 523 Yan’an Rd M.
Date: June 30-July 1, 7:15pm
Venue: Zhou Xinfang Theater Space
Address: 1198 Tianyaoqiao Rd
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Ti Gong

“The Glorious Period of Zhenguan,” starring Chang Changrong and Guan Dongtian

Ti Gong

“The Legend of Xiao He”

Ti Gong

“Yu Huo Li Ming,” or ”Reborn from the Ashes"

Ti Gong

“Cao Cao and Yang Xiu”

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