Exhibition celebrates 60 years of Chinese TV dramas

An exhibition celebrating the 60th anniversary of TV dramas in China is now on at Shanghai Exhibition Center.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of Chinese TV dramas. 

In celebration, a retrospective exhibition of the achievements of domestic TV drama opened on June 12 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center.

The exhibition will last till June 14 and features photos and videos to provide an insight into the progress of the domestic TV industry over the past six decades.

A new set of books chronicling the development of Chinese TV dramas was also released.

The books, published in six volumes, also offer academic analysis of the trends and achievements of Chinese TV dramas.

According to well-known actress Xi Meijuan, TV drama is an important genre to depict and address real-life issues. It also reflects social changes.

Famous scriptwriter Wang Liping said that she will concentrate on observing life and writing to create more high-quality scripts.

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