Xu Zheng's new comedy 'Dying to Survive' to hit cinema from July 6

The highly expected comedy film "Dying to Survive" starring Xu Zheng will hit cinemas across China on July 6. 

From left: Xu Zheng, the leading actor, director Wen Muye and co-producer Ning Hao pose for photos at a press conference in Shanghai on June 16, 2018.

The highly expected comedy film “Dying to Survive” will hit cinemas across China on July 6. 

Directed by young filmmaker Wen Muye, the film is co-produced by mainland filmmakers Ning Hao and Xu Zheng. It is among the first batch of young talented Chinese directors' film projects supported by Ning.

Starring Xu Zheng, Wang Chuanjun and Zhou Yiwei, the movie centers on the adventure of a health care products merchant.

According to director Wen, the film is hilarious and heartwarming as well. It has a power of healing and redemption for people living in the fast-paced modern society.

Xu Zheng, who plays the leading role in the film, said that the movie is about the growth of a small potato. In his eyes, it is a story of laughter and tears.

The film is expected to become a box office sensation in the summer slot.

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