Realistic TV dramas continue to draw in audiences

Shows like urban romance "Gentlemen," family drama "Beautiful Life" and entrepreneurship drama "Long Time No See" have impressed viewers. 
Ti Gong

“Long Time No See” is a drama about entrepreneurship.

Heartwarming and inspiring realistic TV dramas tackling real-life issues remain a hit on local TV.

A report from Shanghai-based Dragon TV shows that its drama slot was the top rated for satellite TV in China during the first half of the year, owing to the high viewer rate of its realistic dramas.

Shows like urban romance series “Mr Right,” family drama “Wonderful Life” and entrepreneurship drama “Long Time No See” have impressed many viewers. 

Today, 54 percent of the channel’s audiences are above 25 years of age. Many of them are college-educated. 

Officials from Dragon TV said that they will broadcast more high-quality realistic dramas about the lives and emotions of ordinary people and social changes as well.

Starting from July 6, anti-drug drama “The Drug Hunter” will air on Dragon TV telling the story about an intelligent chemical engineer who fights against a drug-trafficking gang.

Later this year Dragon TV will air anti-corruption series “Puzzle,” romance series “The Revolution of Our Love” and epic “Like a Flowing River.”

Ti Gong

"Wonderful Life"

Ti Gong

"The Way We Were"

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