Talented Chinese-American singer joins '2018 Sing! China'

Chinese-American singer Zheng Weijie will give his new interpretation of Faye Wong's well-known song "Hypnosis."
Ti Gong

Chinese American singer Zheng Weijie 

The new episode of the reality show “2018 Sing! China,” to be broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV at 9pm on August 3, will present stunning performances from grassroots singers.

In the episode, Chinese-American singer Zheng Weijie will give a new interpretation of Faye Wong’s well-known song “Hypnosis.”

Zheng once covered Taylor Swift’s song “Wildest Dreams I Bad Blood” with his friend, which received acclaim from netizens and Swift herself.

It is a new challenge for him to remake and sing Wong’s song with his own understanding and style. 

Su Han, a student from Tsinghua University, debuted with a remake of Taiwan singer Jay Chou’s song “The Youth that Ends War.”

To the surprise of many, the lyrics of the new version were written by AI (artificial intelligence) software which was developed by Su and his friends.

Ti Gong

Su Han, a student from Tsinghua University, is one of the contestants.

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