An autumn of ultra cool music to warm jazz

Tianyu Shen
September is coming. Autumn is almost here, although the weather is still hot. As usual, the Shanghai Daily's guide team has prepared an event list  for you to enjoy this autumn.
Tianyu Shen

September is coming. Autumn is almost here, although the weather is still hot. As usual, the Shanghai Daily’s guide team has prepared an event list covering novel exhibitions, amazing music performances and brilliant drama shows for you to enjoy this autumn. Joan Zheng and Tianyu Shen are your guides.

Get ready for ultra cool music

★ Highlights: Ultra Music Festival will hit Shanghai again

Originating in Miami in 1999, one of the hottest music festivals in the world, the Ultra Music Festival will hit Shanghai again at Dishui Lake from September 8 to 9.

Over the past 20 years, Ultra Music Festival has toured more than 10 counties, attracting over 100,000 music enthusiasts every year.

In the 2018 Shanghai tour, a strong group of excellent and experienced DJs and music producers will join in the big music party. Go and enjoy this amazing music fun fest!

Date: September 8-9

Venue: West Island of Dishui Lake

Address: 1 Huanhu Rd W.

Pushing the boundaries of photography

★ Highlights: PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai will celebrate its fifth anniversary

As one of the most influential art fairs in Asia, PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai will celebrate its fifth anniversary at the Shanghai exhibition Center next month.

Over recent years, PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai has concentrated on discovering contemporary artworks, large-scale installations and the latest innovative works that push the boundaries of photography.

It features more than 50 of the world’s leading galleries from nearly 20 countries, together with more than 1,000 leading artists.

This year, a group of renowned artists including Irving Penn, Robert Mapplethorpe, Valie export and Giovanni Ozzola will join this major expo, bringing their artworks to Shanghai fans.

Date: September 21-23

Venue: Shanghai Exhibition Center

Address: 1000 Yan’an Rd M.

Take a ‘Really Good’ look at your life

★ Highlights: English artist David Shrigley’s first solo exhibition

One of the most famous artists in the UK, David Shrigley has his first solo exhibition, entitled “Lose your mind,” at the Power Station of Art, running until November 14.

Almost 400 pieces of Shrigley’s artworks will be displayed, including his paintings, inflatable installations and other crossover representative works from over the past 30 years.

Shrigley’s sculpture “Really Good,” first installed in London’s Trafalgar Square in 2016, will be exhibited in the same proportion for Chinese art enthusiasts for the very first time.

It encourages people to think about their daily life.

Date: September 1-November 14

Venue: Power Station of Art

Address: 200 Huayuangang Rd

A musical R.O.S.E. by another name

★ Highlights: Jessie J is back to China with her fourth studio album “R.O.S.E.”

British pop star Jessie J will hit the stage at the Mercedes-Benz Arena with her new music album “R.O.S.E.” on September 18.

“R.O.S.E.” consists of four parts — 16 new songs in all.

The four letters of R.O.S.E. represent realizations, obsessions, sex and empowerment.

Jessie J has won the hearts of Chinese fans across the country because of a Hunan TV smash hit “Singer” earlier this year.

In this show, she displayed her pitch-perfect singing skills and down-to-earth personality. Her unprecedented victory also highlighted her popularity with her Chinese fans.

Date: September 18

Venue: Mercedes-Benz Arena

Address: 1200 Shibo Ave.

The improvizer, Vasandani, bringing his unique jazz

★ Highlights: Sachal Vasandani’s jazz feast in Shanghai

American jazz singer Sachal Vasandani is bringing Shanghai music fans a feast of jazz at the Lincoln Center Shanghai through September 2.

With Vasandani’s singular voice and his creative approach to improvization, he is regarded as one of the great vocal improvizers in the world.

Also as an educator, Vasandani has long been working on bringing forth new ideas in the jazz study and he has set up his own workshops, classes and lessons at major institutions worldwide.

He hopes to bridge the discipline of deep jazz study and openness to good music of all styles, and to promote the diffusion of jazz culture.

Date: Through September 2

Venue: Jazz at Lincoln Center Shanghai

Address: 139 Nanjing Rd E.

Binoche brings Barbara back

★ Highlights: Leterme accompanies Binoche to evoke our Barbara memory

Famous French actress Juliette Binoche and renowned pianist Vincent Leterme will come to Shanghai to star in “Vaille que Vivre,” a show created around memories of French singer Monique Andree Serf, at Shanghai Grand Theater in September.

Serf’s stage name was Barbara, and she is one of the great French virtuosos. Her musical legacy is revealed in the works of a number of singers. Serf was awarded the Grand Prix du Disque for her contributions to French culture in 1982 and her style is referred to as “nouvelle Chanson,” or “new Chanson.”

Binoche also has a close and deep tie with chanson — a lyric-driven French style — and that’s why she has a wish to emulate Barbara. On stage, Leterme will accompany Binoche to cast light on Barbara’s music.

Date: September 3

Venue: Shanghai Grand Theater

Address: 300 People’s Ave.

A Ukrainian journey between illusion and reality

★ Highlights: Parent-child interaction science drama provides kids with a great new way to explore space

Popular Ukrainian science drama “Transformers Space Adventure” will be played at the Himalayas Art Center next month, offering a nice choice for parents who want to share their time with their kids this September.

This performance combines dancing, illusion and visual impact. From the opening moment, it is sure to make audience lost between reality and illusion.

The mini planetarium can accommodate 15 children at the same time, who can enjoy the vast landscape of the cosmic sky inside. The beautiful 3D images create the feeling of being astronauts or aliens in space. And there is a chance to interact with astrologers and aliens.

Date: September 22-23

Venue: Himalayas Art Center

Address: 1108 Meihua Rd

Off and on, this is a classic British farce

★ Highlights: Noises off, laughter on, classic British farce right on your punch line

The classic British farce “noises Off” written by famous British novelist, dramatist and translator Michael Frayn will be staged at the Shanghai Majestic Theater from August 30 to September 9.

It tells a story of a drama troupe rehearsing a dreadful sex-comedy titled “nothing On” both on and off the screen. Before the tour of this inferior troupe, rehearsals were chaotic, performers fought on stage, and troubles emerged on the stage one after another. The tour is nearly doomed.

A great deal of slapstick fill the performance with laughter. The contrast between players’ on-stage and off-stage personalities is also a source of comic dissonance.

Date: August 30-September 9

Venue: Shanghai Majestic Theater

Address: 66 Jiangning Rd

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