Fighting robots launch nationwide competition

"King of Bots" series kicks off in Shanghai with battles to take place throughout China this year.
Ti Gong

The Makers have organized a series of competitions to be held throughout China this year. 

Teams from home and abroad battled it out with robots on January 12 in Shanghai, kicking off a series of "King of Bots" competitions to be held throughout the year.

Professional robot builders remotely controlled robots in arena battles, showcasing cutting-edge technology.

Hosted by The Makers, the competitions will be held in around 20 cities this year. Big crowds of young people are anticipated.

The Makers have also produced reality programs for domestic robotics enthusiasts.

This summer, the second season of the hit robotics reality show “King of Bots II” will air on Zhejiang Satellite TV. Pop idols will join the show to promote new robotics technology.

Spin-offs such as anime, a robotics-themed music festival, films and TV dramas will also be developed.

Ti Gong

Robots take their places in the arena before the battles begin. 

Ti Gong

Battles between robots can attract big crowds of young enthusiasts.

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