"So Long, My Son" to hit cinemas across China on March 22

Chinese mainland director Wang Xiaoshuai's latest epic drama "So Long, My Son" will be released in China on March 22.
Ti Gong

Chinese six-generation director Wang Xiaoshuai (second from the left), actress Yong Mei and actor Wang Jingchun (first from the right) attended the film’s special screening on March 14 in Shanghai.

Chinese mainland director Wang Xiaoshuai’s latest epic drama “So Long, My Son” will be released in China on March 22.

The film’s leading actor Wang Jingchun and actress Yong Mei recently won Silver Bears for best actor and best actress at this year’s Berlin Film Festival.

The 3-hour film is the first installment in director Wang’s “Homeland Trilogy,” a franchise about China’s rapid changes over the past 40 years.

“It touching story and emotions traverse time and space, and can still resonate in today’s audience,” Wang said.

According to actress Yong Mei, who depicts a mother in the movie, she was deeply moved by the sincerity of the script.

Since she doesn’t have kids, Yong also spent months being “nanny” at her friend’s house to well portray the role of mother.

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