'Hurricane' multimedia remake goes down a storm

Well-known drama director Tian Qinxin's remake of the 2001 classic "Hurricane" has turned out to be a success.
'Hurricane' multimedia remake goes down a storm
Ti Gong

The remake of the 2001 classic “Hurricane” is an experiment work with new multimedia methods on the stage. 

Well-known drama director Tian Qinxin’s remake of the 2001 classic “Hurricane” has turned out to be a success following performances at the National Center for the Performing Arts of China, Wuzhen Theater Festival and a public theater in Japan.

Different from the original version, the play stars students and young graduates from the acting department of Shanghai Theater Academy. It is also an experimental work with new multimedia methods on the stage.

“Hurricane” tells the story of Tian Han, the pioneering Chinese playwright. Tian is also the lyricist of the Chinese national anthem and principal founder of the development of Chinese modern drama art. The play depicts Tian’s strength, bravery and creativity during his pursuit of art.

According to director Tian, it is also the first time a Chinese drama has applied eight cameras to its on-site shooting and editing.

Tian spoke highly of the academy’s effort to extend teaching in campus to a real stage. Tickets for the play sold out quickly.

Professor Huang Changyong, director of Shanghai Theater Academy, said they will continue to offer students more opportunities to work with veteran theater directors outside class.

They will include “Hurricane” into the repertoire of their youth theater. The theater will foster more talented performers through avant-garde productions.

Theater critic Hu Xiaojun notes that biopic works are not common in Chinese dramas. The novel multimedia ways the drama used has effectively shortened the audiences’ psychological distance with the character decades ago.

Experts note that today’s theater productions need to take a young audience’s demand into account. New technology and presentation styles should be explored and attempted.

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