Lotuses On Show

Yang Yang
Songjiang is holding a series of cultural events this summer such as lotus show, goat meat festival, children's art show and an art exhibition by Han Meilin. 
Yang Yang

Lotuses On Show

Xinbang Lotus Seeding Base, a major venue for the annual Xinbang Lotus Festival, opened to public on July 6 this year. Visitors can see a variety of delicate lotuses. Children, disabled military officers, serving soldiers, elderly people, members of photography associations, teachers and students can enjoy free or discounted admission.

Date: Through October 15

Tickets: 30 yuan

Venue: Xinbang Lotus Seeding Base

Address: Around Hucao Rd, Xinbang Town


Lotuses On Show
Jiang Huihui / Ti Gong

Lotus blossom

Goat Meat Delights

The 11th Zhangze Goat Meat Culture Festival has opened in Songjiang’s Yexie Town and will last till October 10. It’s a tradition among Zhangze people to eat a plate of nutritious pulpy goat meat while drinking a cup of spirits during the dog days of summer. To honor the tradition, a goat meat culture festival was launched in 2009. Among the three signature goat meat dishes in the Zhangze area — pulpy goat meat, salted goat meat slice and goat meat soup — pulpy goat meat earns the most acclaim for its balanced mixture of skin and meat, its slippery and soft taste and its immediate melting in the mouth.

Date: Through October 10

Venue: Zhangze Goat Meat Manor

Tel: 5788-3777

Address: 105 Zhuting Rd S.


Han Meilin’s World

Art exhibition “The Great Beauty of Heaven and Earth is Silence” is taking visitors into the creative world of Han Meilin, an artist honored worldwide as the “Oriental Picasso.” Han, a renowned contemporary Chinese artist, is known for a variety of art such as painting, calligraphy, sculpture, porcelain and design. The exhibition in Songjiang Museum displays more than 200 pieces of Han’s sculpture, calligraphy, painting, purple sand and porcelain works.

Date: Through September 1

Tickets: Free

Venue: Songjiang Museum

Address: 233 Zhangshan Rd E., Songjiang District


Lotuses On Show
Han Meilin Art Gallery / Ti Gong

A painting created by Han Meilin in 2016

Children’s Art On Show

An exhibition of more than 2,000 artworks by children is on display at Xinqiao Children’s Art Gallery. The institute is joining with the Canada International Children’s Art Foundation to hold the 17th Canada International Children’s Art Festival, or Shanghai-Toronto International Children’s Art Festival. With “Waterside” the theme of this year’s festival, it is expected to picture children‘s awareness of environmental protection and showcase their understanding and love of nature. The festival committee chose the exhibits from more than 8,000 submitted from across the country including paintings, installations, sculptures and photographs..

Date: Through August 31

Tickets: Free

Venue: Xinqiao Children’s Art Gallery

Address: 193, Xinqiao Art Complex, Lane 255 Sizhuan S. Rd

泗砖南路255弄 新桥艺术园区193号

Lotuses On Show
Xinqiao Children's Art Gallery / Ti Gong

A wall full of the artworks on display at Xinqiao Children’s Art Gallery

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