Award-winning actress reveals talented versatility

Xu Wei
Actress Wang Ziwen is showing her undeniable talent and versatility in a new role as a single mother in a romantic drama "Second Time's Charm."
Xu Wei

Talented mainland actress Wang Ziwen is showing her undeniable talent and versatility in a new role as a single mother in a romantic drama “Second Time’s Charm.”

The 32-year-old rose to fame in the popular urban TV series “Ode to Joy” in 2016. She impressed viewers with her vivid portrayal of a lovely girl who bravely pursues her love.

Following the success of the series, Wang played a psychology expert in the suspense drama “When A Snail Falls In Love,” which won her the Popular Actress title at Tencent Pictures’ Star Gala In 2016.

The actress has never stopped taking on a variety of challenging roles since then.

The latest, “Second Time’s Charm,” sees Wang take the role of a single mother who has a brand new start in her life and career after a divorce. 

Many of her fans have compared her latest character to the leading role in the acclaimed American TV series “The Good Wife,” which also centers on the seismic changes of a formerly stay-at-home mother.

“Many stay-at-home mothers are making a big sacrifice for their families,” Wang said. “It is not as easy as it is expected. 

“The series tells people it is never too late to pursue a dream, even though they are married or have been stay-at-home mothers for years.”

Wang believes the series explores the growth and a deeper understanding of a single mother. It also features a lot of heartwarming scenes to inspire people through the face of adversity. 

She said the character, An An, is quite different from her former roles as there is still a little girl inside of her. 

“In this respect, we have a lot in common,” Wang said. “I have been a loyal fan of the popular anime ‘One Piece’ for 10 years.” 

It is not easy to play the mother of a 5-year-old son, so ahead of the shooting, Wang spent a lot of time playing with the child actor, making friends with him so he could relax and play an amazing part on screen.

Some scenes with actor Zhang Luyi, her lover in the drama, were also improvised off the cuff.

A graduate of the Central Academy of Drama, Wang has appeared in more than 40 roles over the past decade. 

She is also a fashion model and yoga enthusiast. And it certainly helps to be fit and elegant for her on-screen personas.

Award-winning actress reveals talented versatility

Wang Ziwen

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