A daughter's love life and a dying mother's wish

Xu Wei
Hong Kong director Herman Yau's romance "77 Heartwarmings" will be released nationally tomorrow.
Xu Wei

Hong Kong director Herman Yau’s romance “77 Heartwarmings” will be released nationally tomorrow.

The film stars Charlene Choi, a member of the Cantopop group Twins, Thai model and actor Mario Maurer and Hong Kong actor Pakho Chau.

It is an urban tale of a young woman who is tired of being hurt in a 10-year love relationship. After breaking up with her boyfriend, the single woman faces a new dilemma: To fulfil the wish of her dying mother, she has to make a choice — marrying the new handsome guy or making up with her ex-boyfriend.

During the process, she comes to learn the true meaning of life and love.

The film’s presale has already begun. The story also reflects many city dwellers’ new attitudes toward love in a fast-paced society. Typical problems in a close relationship will be displayed.

Choi said it is a story about finding back the true love, and it can resonate in the hearts of many people who used to be confused. 

It is also the second time Choi and award-winning actress Kara Wai play a daughter and a mother on the big screen. 

Director Yau has helmed many box office sensations, such as cop film “Shock Wave” and comedy “All’s Well Ends Well 2010.”

A daughters love life and a dying mothers wish

“77 Heartwarmings”

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