iQiyi unveils ambitious offerings targeted at youth

Xu Wei
iQiyi has announced a batch of new projects and programs covering online content, live entertainment and immersive virtual experiences.
Xu Wei

A batch of new projects and programs have been recently announced by the streaming platform iQiyi. The programs covering online content, live entertainment and immersive virtual experiences particularly cater for young people in China. 

According to Wang Xiangjun, an official with iQiyi, the changing tastes of the younger generation for creative and interactive entertainment experiences are both a challenge and inspiration.

In March, avant-garde technology was featured in two immersive “cloud concerts” of popular girl band THE9, titled “X-City.”

The concerts livestreamed on iQiyi used XR technologies, which include augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality, to offer a new and impressive viewing experience for the audience.

Compared with former shows, the concerts boasted stunning visual effects and spectacular virtual stage scenes, and the band interacted better with online viewers through games and talks.

New technologies will also be applied on the platform’s futuristic VR movies and online galas. 

Meanwhile, well-received shows will continue to launch spin-off projects following the success of the rap-themed pub WHYFRI and fashion store FOURTRY Space. The scripts and scenes of some well-known movies and online dramas are also expected to inspire real-life games, performances and tourist resorts.

More than 200 new productions in the categories of drama series, variety shows, documentaries and animation have also been released by iQiyi.

Among the variety programs are “Generation Z — Hiphop Project,” a show about China’s rapping development, dancing reality show “Born to Dance,” “Super Sketch Show,” female culture salon “Lady’s Club,” “Action,” a show about the short film creation process of young filmmakers, and “Glory Is Back,” which explores the historical charm of the city of Luoyang, one of China’s ancient capitals.

iQiyi unveils ambitious offerings targeted at youth

Military drama “ACE Troops”

Audiences will also be offered an array of drama productions including “The Ideal City,” a series about the condition of China’s construction industry, military drama “ACE Troops,” spy drama “The Rebel,” modern tale “Life Is a Long Quiet River,” and urban romance “Moonlight,” about the love and career of the younger generation.

In the coming years, iQiyi will cooperate with more talented filmmakers, artists and cultural celebrities to incubate novel content for the burgeoning entertainment industry in China.

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