Streaming platforms release a slew of new productions

Xu Wei
iQiyi announced the upcoming release of more than 200 productions, while Tencent, Youku and Henan Satellite TV roll out new shows of their own.
Xu Wei
Streaming platforms release a slew of new productions

"Almost Love"

China's streaming platforms recently released hundreds of new productions.

Online entertainment service iQiyi announced the upcoming release of more than 200 productions, including TV series, variety shows and films.

iQiyi officials said the releases reflect audiences' everyday experiences and the current zeitgeist with improved storytelling through vivid characters and genuine emotions.

More productions will be released via cloud theater mode. The platform's online theaters include the suspense-themed Light On Theater, the romance-themed Sweet On Theater and the comedy-themed Laugh On Theater.

"Punch Out" is a series that chronicles China's campaign to crack down on crime.

"Wild Bloom," starring Zhao Liying and Li Guangjie, tells the tale of a female entrepreneur who strikes it rich in the iron and steel industry.

"The Big Examination," the latest offering by director Shen Yan, portrays the problems facing several rural high school students preparing to take the college entrance exam, known as gaokao.

Streaming platforms release a slew of new productions

Crime thriller "Suspect"

Urban drama "Golden Trio" depicts three retired men's entrepreneurial dreams and efforts to provide community nursing services.

"My Later Half of Life" is a realistic depiction of the challenges middle-age people face.

Adventures await in the suspense series "Lost in the Kunlun Mountains." Adapted from the maiden work of Tianxia Bachang's novel, the series follows a young man's discovery of treasure in the Kunlun Mountains.

iQiyi will release 20 new variety shows, including "The Detectives' Adventures Season 2," "The Rap of China," "Memoon Singer," "Super Sketch Show Season 2," "Action! Season 2," "Hot-Blood Dance Crew 2022," "Music New Life" and "Camping Life." Each show is inspired by young people's lifestyle trends.

The company will continue to invest in original productions, some of which will be released globally.

Director Luo Luo's film "Almost Love" is romantic comedy about campus love, youth and the growth of a young couple.

Crime thriller "Suspect" by Huang Mingsheng examines the life of a policeman with hyperthymesia (perfect memory).

Martial arts film "The Hidden Fox" is based on a novel by Louis Cha, widely known by his pen name Jin Yong. The movie blends kung fu, suspense and fantasy as a young man seeks revenge for his father's death.

"Silent Love," directed by young filmmaker Sha Mo, is China's first movie about a hearing-impaired family.

Youku and Henan Satellite TV are collaborating on programs that look into the customs and distinctive charms of traditional Chinese festivals.

Singers Tu Honggang and Wu Xuanyi and Mahua FunAge comedians reinterpret Dragon Boat Festival in a show that recently ran on Youku. Traditional dancing, theater, folk songs and martial arts are enhanced with augmented reality technology to examine how ancient Chinese people celebrated the festival.

Tencent has also released a slew of new productions. Reality show "Start Reasoning" features entertainment stars Bai Yu, Song Zu'er, Zhou Shen, Guo Qilin and Zhou Keyu living together for 10 days in a mysterious apartment. The show started airing yesterday.

"Stand-up Comedy" features talk show hosts discussing careers and social issues like marriage and office culture. Celebrities guess which relative made the food they're eating in "Familiar Taste."

Streaming platforms release a slew of new productions

"The Big Examination"

Streaming platforms release a slew of new productions

"Silent Love"

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