Experience Spanish Flamenco, fused with tradition and innovation

Ma Yue
Shanghai's FUEGO dancers invite audiences to their new "Flamenco Night Aurora" show this weekend. Expect traditional Spanish dance, with spontaneous and innovative movement.
Ma Yue

Shanghai FUEGO Flamenco dancers are inviting audience for a "Flamenco Night Aurora" show this weekend during which 10 flamenco dances in varied styles will be performed.

As an independent dance troupe, Shanghai FUEGO Flamenco grew from YIQI Flamenco Dance Studio, which was established by professional dancer Shi Yiqi, who is also the joint artistic director of "Flamenco Night Aurora."

Consisting of both professional and non-professional dancers, the troupe aims to promote traditional Spanish flamenco dance, while infusing innovative and crossover elements into their performance.

Most performers featured in the weekend shows are non-professional dancers with occupations like teacher, conductor, manager and architect. But flamenco plays an indispensable role in their lives.

The dancers will demonstrate Spanish dance genres including Sevillanas, Seguiriyas, Guajiras, Soleá and Caracoles.

Seguiriyas is usually used to express complicated emotions like the bitterness in love, and death and suffering in life. Dancers wearing bata de cola (long tail skirts) are summoned by mysterious and inspirational music in unique rhythm.

Experience Spanish Flamenco, fused with tradition and innovation
Ti Gong

Most performers featured in "Flamenco Night Aurora" are non-professional dancers.

Caracoles is a representative family music genre of Cantiñas. Dancers wear bata de cola and mantón (shawl), with their passionate movements filled with joy and spontaneity.

Audiences are invited to the theater to explore other genres and combinations of flamenco props like abanico (fans) and castanets.

Performance info

Dates: April 29-30, 7:30pm

Tickets: 50-180 yuan

Venue: Shanghai International Dance Center 上海国际舞蹈中心

Address: 1650 Hongqiao Rd 虹桥路1650号

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