A day for kids with their favorite characters

If your children love watching cartoons, here are some fantastic places for them.

If your children love watching cartoons, here are some fantastic places for them. There are now many cartoon themed restaurants in Shanghai, where you can not only enjoy good food, but also take a photo with your favorite cartoon characters and buy some gifts. Sophie Wang has selected some of the best places to go for you.

Kumamon goes from mascot to superstar

This two-story cafe features Kumamon, a mascot created by the government of Japan’s Kumamoto Prefecture.

It was created in 2010 for a campaign to draw tourists and subsequently became popular nationally and all over the world.

The dessert counter is on the first floor, and the cafe is on the second floor. A big Kumamon doll is there for taking photos. The first floor also includes a store, where you can buy various styles of “Kumamon.”

All the cakes are made in Kumamon style. A bathtublike cake “Kumamon spa” is a must-try here. It seems like that Kumamon is bathing in a hot spring. Other highlights include chocolate mousse, matcha cheese cake and puddings. For drink, try the milk shakes, coffee and sodas.

Aranzi Aronzo: cool, strange and a little bit silly

This lovely cafe is based on cartoon images created by Japanese illustrators Aranzi Aronzo. All the cakes are made in cartoon style: rabbits, pandas and kappa — a demon found in traditional Japanese folklore.

The rabbit is strawberry cream cake, the panda is mousse, and the kappa is matcha cake with red beans.

Drinks include coffee, chocolate milk, tea and so on. Mint chocolate is among the musttries, as it’s cool and sweet. All the coffee has cartoon patterns on the surface.

There are tatami seats in the store, with a minimum charge of 200 yuan (US$29).

In the pink with Hello Kitty

This two-story store is all decorated in pink. There is a shop at the first floor and the restaurant is on the second floor. Cute Hello Kitty is in every corner of the store for taking photos.

All the food is lovely and designed with Hello Kitty elements. Pizzas made in Hello Kitty style are recommended. For dessert, castle ice-cream and Kitty parfait are also a must.

Another highlight is the potato soup, which is pink and tastes sweet.

The store sells Hello Kitty toys, tableware, bags and accessories.

There is a large balcony on the second floor for parties.

The cute teddy bears are waiting for you

This lovely restaurant is hidden in Tianzifang. Go up to the second floor, and you will see various kinds of teddy bears waiting for you.

The restaurant features Thai cuisine. Prawn crackers, baked rice in pineapple and curry beef are among the must-tries. For dessert and drinks, there are cakes made like bear’s paw, and coffee with bear patterned foam.

There is a big glass house on the top of the restaurant, which is suitable for parties. A small balcony on the second floor is also good. Some teddy bears can also be bought.

Enjoy a bite among Line friends

Covering more than 600 square meters, this store is half cafe and half shop. Two Line friends: Brown and Cony, stand at the door to welcome you. Through the windows, you can see a large number of toys.

All the desserts and drinks look good. Macarons, cupcakes, Swiss rolls and puddings are all decorated with Line friends.

But the taste is not that amazing, and it’s a better place for taking photos. There are also many large dolls of Line friends in the cafe.

The store sells clothes, accessories, toys, stationery and so on. Prices are a little higher than average.

Take time out with your neighbor Totoro

This cafe features Totoro, a character in the 1988 Japanese animated film “My Neighbor Totoro,” written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli. Totoro is Japanese for chinchilla.

Walls here are painted with Totoro, and Totoro toys fill every corner of the café. Food here is designed with forest elements. Swiss rolls are made like tree roots, and tiramisu is put in flowerpots. Totoro-like macarons are also a highlight. For drink, coffee with a Totoro patterned-froth is recommended.

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