Classic style is never out of fashion

Andrea Iervolino is an Italian Hollywood film producer whose personal style is fairly classic while Norwegian consul Katrine Haukenes prefers simplistic style.
courtesy of Andrea Iervolino

Andrea Iervolino

Andrea Iervolino

Andrea Iervolino is an Italian Hollywood film producer and entrepreneur. He has been a producer since the age of 16 and has financed and distributed over 60 films. He was awarded as Best Producer at the 71st Venice Film Festival, together with Al Pacino and Barry Levinson. He was also awarded at the 73rd festival as Best Producer for “In Dubious Battle,” together with James Franco. He recently launched his namesake skincare brand Andrea Iervolino.

My personal style is fairly classic and elegant. I never give up my custom clothes, tailor-made by a trusted Italian tailor. I always turn to him and when Andy Garcia and Karl Urban came to Italy to shoot my movie, they liked so much my style that I had to call my tailor to dress them too.

The best outfit I’ve ever worn for a special occasion is always a tuxedo. Thanks to my work, I take part in many world-class events — like galas and film premieres — so in my suitcase I am never without a tuxedo dinner suit that I love to wear.

I usually do not follow fashion. I have been like this since I was 16 when I started to work and I needed to be credible and bigger than my age. So I always wore elegant jackets, ties and shoes, so that when I introduced myself to merchants and entrepreneurs, they would see me as an adult.

I usually shop for clothes and accessories at tailors. I have a tailor that does all my clothes, including the shirts onto which I sew my initials. Occasionally I go to some famous brand stores, especially Italian names, to buy accessories like belts and ties.

If I have to limit my shopping to one neighborhood in Shanghai, I definitely would shop at the IFC Mall, which I find very nice and with extraordinary shops. 

courtesy of Andrea Iervolino / SHINE

Acqua di Parma

courtesy of Andrea Iervolino


The designers I most admire are Valentino, Gianni Versace and Giorgio Armani because they are part of the history of fashion, and Italian style, in the world.

The style icon I look up to is undoubtedly David Beckham.

The last item I added to my wardrobe was a sporty sweatshirt from a nice shop in Hong Kong.

The fashion item I’m eying next is a watch because I love them. I still have to choose a brand. I love watches and although I don’t always have time for shopping, when I can, I buy a new one that I add to my small personal collection.

My grooming staples are the Andrea Iervolino skincare line I’ve developed. We chose a Swiss Company for my new Beauty Line, because they’re the best in the world.

My signature perfume is WOOD by DSquared.

The best souvenir I’ve brought home is actually my memories. I almost never buy souvenirs because I travel so much for business and I rarely get to go shopping. But I always try to know the culture of every place I visit and these are memories that I take into my heart and which are worth more than any actual souvenir.

The most memorable place I’ve traveled to is China. I’ve been around the world, but China is one of my favorite destinations. Shanghai is a wonderful city, which has a lot to offer. Chinese culture, in some ways, is very similar to Italian, with the value of the family, the importance of being all sitting at the table and sharing moments with the people you love.

The last book I read was my unauthorized biography, written by a university professor and five students from the University of Pisa. I was very excited to read it.

Katrine Haukenes 

Xiao Wei / SHINE

Katrine Haukenes is Deputy Consul General at Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai. Her main areas of responsibility include promoting cultural exchange between China and Norway in a wide range of fields. She grew up in Oslo, Norway, and has also lived in the UK and the Netherlands before her Asian experience began a year ago.

My personal style is simple, neutral and natural. I don’t usually opt for too many colors and patterns. I perfer to play safe when I dress up. 

The best outfit I’ve ever worn for a special occasion was my wedding gown by Spanish designer Jesus Peiro who is renowned for high quality, elegance and his sophisticated bridal line. I chose it in a wedding dress boutique in Oslo and my mom started crying when she saw me in that dress during the try-on. It features pretty lace sleeves.

I follow trends by reading fashion magazines such as Red and random ones when I spend my time in hair salons. However, my biggest inspiration for fashion is by looking at the diversified styles on the street.

I usually shop for clothes and accessories during my holidays so I have a chance to find local designer pieces and things I can’t get back home. 

Xiao Wei / SHINE

Ted Baker

I had to limit my shopping to one neighborhood in Shanghai, I would say Changle Road and Xinle Road because this area offers more local designer brands and interesting pieces normally hardly found in bigger shopping malls.

My favorite fashion brands are Norwegian designer brands byTiMo, Mette M?ller, Holzweiler, Kari Traa, Bergans, Dale of Norway.

The designer I most admire is Leila Hafzi from Norway, who developed the first high-end, ethical and eco-conscious fashion brand to empower women in developing countries. The flattering shapes, graceful and luxurious fabrics are the brand’s essence of simplicity and elegance. Her mission is to make the whole fashion industry more sustainable. 

The latest item I’ve added to my wardrobe were yoga pants by Dutch brand Zen by sen. They design and sell unique, fashionable, sustainable and comfortable yoga clothes. 

The fashion item I’m eyeing next is a leather bag with the perfect size. I’ll probably get one from Marc Jacobs.

My signature perfume is Chance by Chanel.

My grooming staples are good skincare products that I use every morning and evening. I use the products from Rituals. Also, I drink a lot of water and practice yoga two to three times a week.

The last book I’ve read was “Shark Drunk: The Art of Catching a Large Shark from a Tiny Rubber Dinghy in a Big Ocean.” 

The best thing about living in Shanghai is its ever-changing, never-boring vibe. And I do enjoy the mixture of old and new in the city. 

Xiao Wei / SHINE

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