Slow down and enjoy the beauty of design

A creative design sometimes can lighten our life and bring warmth into our hearts. There are quite a few lifestyle concept stores in Shanghai where you can find lovely things.

A creative design sometimes can lighten our life and bring warmth into our hearts. There are quite a few lifestyle concept stores in Shanghai where you can find such lovely things — creative furniture, artistic design, and exquisite decorations — you can find almost all you want in these shops. Joan Zheng picks some of the best in town.

World of inspiration under a single roof

★ Highlight: An integrated space combing furniture, cafe, library and more

Occupying four stories, Ziinlife is a lovely lifestyle concept store decorated in soft pink, which is suitable for girls who love taking photos.

It also features a number of creative decorations for design lovers.

At the Ziin library on the first floor, there is a large selection of books and magazines, especially on art, architecture, design and life. For customers, it is a nice place to choose some useful design books and slow down the pace of life for a while. When you finish reading, you can also enjoy a cup of coffee at Ziin cafe.

The other three stories focus on furniture and designs — original design works by Ziinlife are on display here.Wonderful color and furniture collections will provide you with ideas and inspirations about design and life.

Chic, creative and reasonably priced

★ Highlight: Unique lifestyle concept store with reasonable prices

Zaozuo, a unique lifestyle concept store, is located on Panyu Road. With bright French windows and exquisite decorations, this two-story shop looks chic and creative.

When you enter, you will be amazed by the overall feelings of welcoming colors and designs.There are products like bedding, chairs, lighting and small decorations, and all these works are in consistent styles and match each other well.

Most importantly, the prices are reasonable for customers to buy and collect.

As a young cultural and creative brand which focuses on furniture and design, Zaozuo has attracted dozens of loyal customers since its foundation in 2014.

The brand gathers outstanding designers from Italy, Germany,the UK, Sweden, Spain, Japan and other corners of the world who try to bring warmth and inspiration to people in their daily life.

Tasty desserts, a cozy atmosphere

★ Highlight: A multi-function store with furniture and coffee

R.G.F is located on Julu Road. It is a multi-functional space with a coffee bar and a furniture shop.

Apart from its vintage decorations,a wonderful terrace and a well-organized garden create a comfortable and cozy ambience.

On the first floor, there is a design world with creative decorations and furniture collected by the owner from all over the world. Vintage typewriters, table lamps, accessories and fragrances and a number of western style designs can be found here.

Walking through the design space on the first floor, you will see an amazing garden for desserts and coffee lovers.

The highlights of the desserts here are the red velvet cakes and cranberry cakes which look good and taste nice.

A creative lab of Nordic designs and style

★ Highlight: An amazing lab featuring Nordic style designs and furniture

Located on Kongjiang Road in Yangpu District, WOWLab looks like an amazing lab featuring Nordic style designs and furniture.

With simple and artistic decorations, it is bright, comfortable and creative.

Ingenious and practical furniture, fittings and other wares like unique lighting, chairs, tableware and homeware are dazzlingly arranged.

For customers, it is a nice space to search for such wonderful designs to make your life space better.

WOWLab is an original design brand founded by a group of Chinese designers who bring unique designs from all over the world, with creative ideas about furniture and life.

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